The reptar

The Story of

Big Dig 2018



This is Reptar, a cartoon dinosaur featured on the TV show Rugrats.

Several years ago, George Sydnor's approach to project management earned him the name "Reptar." The Big Dig crew took this as their inspiration for their 2018 construction project.

The pictures below tell Reptar's story.

First, the crew identified and prepared a nesting site.

Building the nest   Building the nestBuilding the nest
The beast takes shape and gets some makeup.

Constructing Reptar Painting Reptar

Moving Reptar to his nest - not an easy task.

Moving Reptar Moving Reptar

The creative team poses with the beast.

Mike and the Reptar Pete and the Reptar

This video clip shows Reptar attempting to devour a Honey Badger.


Watching the fire Burning the Reptar

After the fire



Reptar goes to
 his fiery end . . .

Baby Reptar


. . but the legend lives on.