Our Interests

In all honesty, I should retitle this "My interests." I can tell you that Mike enjoys kayaking, biking and hiking, and Andy loves surfing (which he doesn't get to do much in Germany). Other than that, what you will see here are the things that I enjoy.

After I retired, I started to explore photography, and this quickly generated enough content that I decided to give it its own page within this site. See the Photo Albums page.

At Home

We love our home, and have enjoyed fixing it up over the years. Mike has contributed some major improvements, and in 2009, we undertook a major renovation of our back yard.

2014 saw the installation of a new fence (a joint project with our neigbor), and a brand new roof. In 2016, we completely replaced the original kitchen.

In and around Stanford

Ever since moving here in 1992, more than just my work life has revolved around Stanford. I've become very involved with:

Sports and music are both deeply rooted in my family. In particular, I owe my Dad a big debt of gratitude for introducing me to college baseball (among many other things).

And elsewhere

Other things that I love include Harry Potter (I've read them all twice) and travelling. For a few years, I was heavily invested in learning German (if you're wondering why, see About Us or Our Travels). I thank my instructor and my classmates for giving me a fundamental knowledge of Grammatik und Vokabeln.

A thought about baseball

An insight from Ken Harrelson, Sports Illustrated,
September 6, 1976

Baseball is the only sport I know that, when you're on offense, the other team controls the ball.