August, 2005

Reminds you of The Sound of Music, doesn't it?

That lovely spot is somewhere in the German Alps, very close to the Austrian border, near the city of Obertsdorf Germany.

Mike, Andy and I vacationed in Germany in the summer of 2005. Andy had been working in Germany for several months, and was in between jobs there. He met us at the Frankfurt Airport, where we picked up our trusty rental car. We spent three days in and around the Nahe wine region in western Germany, not far from France, south of the Rhine River near the city of Bingen. We were hosted by Andy's girlfriend Carmen and her family at their beautiful home in the village of Waldlaubersheim. It is a charming and peaceful part of the country - castles, villages, vineyards and very gracious hospitality.

We then said good-bye to Carmen and her family, and travelled further south, spending a night in Rothenburg where we explored medieval history, local scenery and enjoyed more good food and wine. Our destination was a small village in the Allgäu, a region in southern Bavaria just above Austria in the foothills of the Alps.

We stayed in the village of Ekarts for three more days, meeting new friends, exploring spectacular scenery (see above), enjoying wonderful food, and visiting with lots of cows. We then left to drive north to Heilbronn, where Andy had been living for the past several months. After a lovely dinner with Andy and Carmen, Mike and I left for our last night in Germany back at the Frankfurt Airport, and then home.

Pictures follow below. By clicking on the thumbnails or captions, you will see a larger version (800x600, around 150KB) in this window. I captioned each picture with a little explanation, and I hope you enjoy them.

Part 1.
Nahe vista

A view across the Nahe River

Approaching a castle

Approaching a castle

At Haus George

Haus George

Above the Nahe

Above the Nahe

Nahe vista

Nahe vineyards

Andy and Carmen

Andy and Carmen

At Bingen

The group at Bingen

Rhine castle

Atop a Rhine Castle

At the castle

The Georges at
the Rhine castle

At bacharach

The village of Bacharach

Wine festival

A wine festival

Part 2.
In Rothenburg

At the city wall


From our window

Rothenburg hotel

Hotel room

Rothenburg rooftops


Rothenburg wall

City wall

Beer in Rothenburg

A sidewalk beer

The Holl Pub

A Rothenburg pub


A shop window

Part 3.
Our Allgau home

Our Allgäu home

Allgau view

From our window

Allgau view

Local view

In the mountains

In the mountains

Along the trail

Along the trail

At the top

At the top

Mike and Ann

Mike and Ann

Mountain vista

The Sound of Music

Allgau cow

Allgäu cow

Marta's cows


Allgau friends

Allgäu friends

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