Andy and Carmen

Andrew & Carmen's Wedding Week
June 17 - 23, 2012

The wedding of Andrew George and Carmen Burckhardt was too big invitationto be contained in a single day. Family and friends began arriving in Waldlaubersheim over the weekend of June 16-17, 2012. During the following week, we got to know a little more about this part of Germany and we celebrated a number of events with them, with their friends and neighbors, and with our extended family. Click on the photos below to see more of what we did each day of this wonderful week.


SONNTAG, Sunday, June 17

Mike, Ann, Andy, Georgeanne, Cindy, Dave, Rob and Ann all arrived in Waldlaubersheim. Andy's friends - John, Akira, Spencer and Ash - were already there. We settled into our rooms in the village and were hosted that night for the first of several wonderful dinners.


MONTAG, Monday, June 18

Carmen and Andy took us across the Rhein to tour Kloster Eberbach, a 12th century monastery, and then visit the town of Eltville (pictured), where Carmen works. Dinner that evening was "al fresco" on the courtyard in Waldlaubersheim.


DIENSTAG, Tuesday, June 19

It was a hectic day for Andy and Carmen. Enter Carmen's cousin, Markus, who showed us around Bad Kreuznach and some beautiful wineries. Joe, Jane and Roy joined us at Markus' winery, and we ended the day with the "Schnitzel dinner" (pictured).

Andrew and Carmen

MITTWOCH, Wednesday, June 20

The day of Andy and Carmen's civil wedding ceremony in Stromberg (picture from after the ceremony). Afterward, Andy and Carmen hosted family and friends for a lovely lunch, and that night everyone (and their pottery) showed up for the Polterabend.

Bad Kreuznach

DONNERSTAG, Thursday, June 21

Another visit to Bad Kreuznach (pictured), this time to wander in the city and do a little shopping. Mike and Uncle Andy stayed behind to see more of the village, while Andy and Carmen stayed to clean up their courtyard and get ready for Saturday. And then on Thursday night - Kegling in the village!

Burg Eltz

FREITAG, Friday, June 22

Steve and Robin arrived today, and several of us drove to visit the castle Burg Eltz (pictured). Dinner in the village that night included watching the German team's Euro 2012 quarterfinal victory over Greece, 4-2.

Andrew and Carmen

SAMSTAG, Saturday, June 23

The day of the wedding in the Waldlaubersheim Church, followed by a memorable reception and celebration dinner in Bretzenheim. Pictures from this beautiful day are divided into two pages: the Church wedding, and the celebration in Bretzenheim.

In the vineyard




Before the Church wedding, Andy and Carmen had a portfolio of pictures taken at locations throughout the village. You can view a sampling of those pictures in a short slide show.
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Andy and Carmen at home


On Sunday, June 24, many of those who had come from the United States left to fly home or to continue their vacations. Andy and Carmen could finally relax.

The two of them gave all of us a memorable experience - planning, organizing and then delivering a truly spectacular week. And now that it is all over, they are husband and wife.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

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